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Our 3G network is closing down

You may have seen in the news that mobile providers in the UK will be closing down their 3G networks in the next few years. Our 3G network will be closing in early 2023 so that we can focus on improving our 4G & 5G networks.  This is in line with the UK government’s ambition to fully close 2G networks by 2033.

If you currently rely on 3G to stay connected, you'll need to switch to our 4G or 5G network. You have plenty of time to make the switch and we’ll be there to help with whatever you need.

Switching to our 4G or 5G network means you’ll benefit from an improved mobile service, with considerably faster internet speeds and better call quality.

Why is the 3G network shutting down?

Now that 4G and 5G networks are available in the UK, the 3G network is no longer needed (less than 1% of all our customers' traffic is currently on the 3G network).  You can get much faster internet speeds and better call quality on our 4G or 5G networks, and we want to make sure all our customers have the best mobile experience possible.

We don’t currently have plans to switch off our 2G network but will be working towards the 2033 deadline.

I have a phone that operates only on 2G or 3G band. 

What will happen when 1pMobile phases out 3G in 2023?

For customer with a 2G handset nothing will change.  For customers with a 3G handset, your service will switch to our 2G network.  This will provide all the same services, just that the data speeds may be slower.

Will my phone still work? 

Yes.  It will continue to work for calls, texts and data on the 2G network.

Will I need to get a new phone? 

No.  You current phone will still work on the 2G networks.  If you are a frequent data user you may wany to look at updating your phone to a 4G or 5G device.

Will I need to get a new SIM card? 

No. Your current SIM will be fine on the 2G network.  If you do upgrade your phone then you may need a new SIM.  If your SIM card number (as printed on the SIM card) does not start with "250", please contact customer services for a free 4G/5G SIM, or you can order one through your account area.

I only use my phone for making calls and sending texts. 

Will a 2G network be sufficient for that?  Will I lose quality of service on a 2G network? 

There will be no loss of quality of calls on the 2G network (your phone may be using 2G already for calls and texts).

Is your phone affected? 

You can use our IMEI checker to see if your phone is affected.

Find your IMEI number

An IMEI number is a unique identification number that all phones have. The easiest way to find it is to dial *#06# on your phone. You can also check your SIM tray, the box your device came in or your device Settings.  On some devices, multiple numbers can be listed, like EID, IMEI2 and MEID. Only use the number labelled IMEI.

Check your IMEI

Enter your IMEI in the box below to check if your handset is 3G