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How do I access, change or remove voicemail on my mobile?

Voicemail is available to all of our customers. You set up voicemail by dialling 222 on your mobile phone and following the voice prompt instructions. On most handsets, you can also access your voicemail by holding down the number 1 key. We suggest you set a PIN (Personal Identification Number) on your voicemail service.

Your voicemail can store a maximum of 50 messages, up to 8 minutes each. New messages are stored for 21 days or, after listened to, they can be saved and stored for 7 days.

Accessing your voicemail will cost you 1p per minute. If you would like to turn your voicemail off, you can simply dial ##002# and press call. If you would like to turn it back on again after turning it off, you will need to go into the handset's call settings and set the divert on busy, no answer or unavailable to +447953222222.

You can fully disable the voicemail service via your 1pMobile Account SIM settings page. However, please be aware that we may not be able to retrieve this service once it has been fully disabled.

A full map of the voicemail menu is below:

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