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How do I access my voicemail when I'm abroad?

Outside the UK and the EU, you will incur roaming charges when someone leaves you a voicemail message and you will also be charged for listening to your messages. So, if it is not essential that you receive voicemail whilst you are away, we recommend you turn it off before you leave.

You can turn off your voicemail by dialling ##002# and pressing call. If you would like to turn it back on again after turning it off, you will need to go into the handset's call settings and set the divert on busy, no answer or unavailable to +447953222222.

If you need to leave your voicemail box on, make sure you have set up your voicemail PIN before you travel. You will need to dial +447953222222 when your away, as dialling 222 may not work. You will need to enter your PIN to retrieve your messages.