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How do I change diverts to voicemail?

Your phone should have options to specify how and when calls are diverted to your voicemail.

If your phone does not have menu options for this you can use the following codes to control the diverts.

You dial the following as if making a phone call

Divert All calls to voicemail

Divert on No Answer

Delay nn seconds: max 30 seconds, in 5 second increments

Divert on Unreachable

Divert on Busy

Cancel All

Diverting calls to other numbers

Please note: With 1pMobile, like all pay-as-you-go mobile services, it is not possible to divert calls to any other number other than to voicemail platform at +447953222222. This restriction is in place as there is a possibility of a breach of personal data if your service does not have sufficient credit for the divert to be applied (or your credit runs out during the diverted call). The caller would hear the announcement rather than you, the service holder.

If you require the facility to divert calls to another number then you will need to obtain a post-pay (contract) service from an alternative provider.