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How do I top-up?

Top-up in your account

To add credit to your phone, simply log in to your 1pMobile account and visit the Top-ups page. You can add a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £50 each time. Each top-up by will start a new top-up requirement counter.

Top-up by text

Top-up your phone at any time by sending a text message of TOPUP to 07950014111.

Texts to 07950014111 are free from your 1pMobile, from anywhere in the world.

This will top your phone up with £10 of credit.

You can also top-up larger amounts by texting TOPUP followed by the amount you want to top-up to 07950014111.
E.g. TOPUP 20 to 07950014111 will add £20 to your phone from your stored payment details.

The minimum top-up by text is £10 and the maximum is £90.
Each top-up by text will start a new top-up requirement counter.

To turn this facility off log into your account and click on Your Settings. Then click disable.

Auto top-up

You have the option of setting up an auto top-up which will automatically top up your phone on your next top-up due date or when your phone balance drops below £2 (whichever happens first). When your phone balance drops below £2, we will collect your chosen amount from your registered debit or credit card and add it to your phone. We will apply this a maximum of once per day.