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How much mobile data am I likely to use?

You may be someone who uses their mobile to check the odd email or to browse a webpage once in a while, or you may use it to download lots of games, music and videos. Regardless, if you are unsure of how much internet data you are likely to use, this guide may help.

The digital information you download on your phone is measured in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). 1KB is 1024 characters of text/data. As a general rule, 1024KB make up 1MB, and 1024MB make up 1GB.

If you are a low data user – unlikely to use your internet for more than an hour a day and rarely downloading content – then you will rarely use more than 100MB each month. If you download emails daily to your phone, spend a fair bit of time browsing the internet and download a few games or apps each month, then you should find that 500MB is more than enough each month.

If you are a very low user you may see a daily charge of 1p for data used, even when mobile data is turned off on your phone. Your phone's firmware may contact the network to update and synchronise it's data settings. This could happen, e.g. whenever you turn your phone on. This is a few kilobytes, but if you haven't used any more data that day it still means a rounding up to the 1p charge. In any other case this small amount of data will be added on to your other data usage that day.

If you would like to turn data off completely we have made this possible in your account area. Please log into your account and go to network settings.

If you send and receive emails daily, often with attachments; watch videos online several times a week and are likely to download a lot of apps and games, as well as music for your phone; and browse the internet for several hours daily, then you are likely to use 1GB or more of data every month.

As a guide, by using 100MB (£1) of data, you could:

As a guide, with 500MB (£5) of data, you could:

Other useful usage guides:

1 hour of instant messaging 0.25 - 1MB
60 web pages 140MB
Download 100 emails 1 - 10MB
1 hour Skype call 225MB
1 hour Skype video call 350MB
Download 1 photo 0.05 - 2MB
Download 1 MP3 audio file 3 - 8MB
Download 1 film trailer (720p) 50 - 100MB
1 software/game download 5MB - 50GB
Download 1 film 700MB - 8GB
Streaming 1 hour of video (standard definition) 150 - 350MB
Streaming 1 hour of video (high definition) 1 - 2GB
Streaming 1 hour of audio  60 - 200MB