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Using the internet when roaming abroad.

If you need to use the Internet when abroad (known as roaming) this will be possible if roaming is enabled in your account. Roaming is enabled for all our customers as default. You may need to enable roaming data on your phone settings.

If you find that you can make calls and text messages but not connect to the internet you may need to add an APN with our settings. Please see our APN (Access Point Name) details below and consult your phone manual on how to do this. APN details page.

In the EU and EEA the tariff is the same as in the UK (1p per MB). Please check our tariff page for all tariffs before you travel.

If you will be roaming outside of the EU and EEA there will be significantly higher tariffs for data usage. Data Boosts will not work outside of the EU.

When you are abroad please be aware that if your phone is set to automatically select a network it may connect across a country's border. This could incur greater charges on a foreign tariff. Please check if you are travelling near to a country's border. In this likelihood, we recommend you set your phone to manually connect to networks; so that you can check before connecting. For advice on how to select this on your phone please check your manual, search online, or contact us with your phone make and model.