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What data speeds am I likely to get?

Speed of internet service

Mobile speeds and network coverage may be affected by a number of factors, including your location, device, surrounding physical features, atmospheric conditions and the number of people using the network at a given time. Use our online coverage checker to see what network coverage is like in your area.

GenerationIconTechnologyMaximum Download SpeedTypical Download SpeedTypical Upload Speed
4G4GLTE Category 4150Mbit/s15Mbit/s4Mbit/s
4G+4G+LTE-Advanced Cat6300Mbit/s30Mbit/s10Mbit/s
4G+LTE-Advanced Cat9450Mbit/s45Mbit/s10Mbit/s
4G+LTE-Advanced Cat12600Mbit/s60Mbit/s15Mbit/s
4G+LTE-Advanced Cat16979Mbit/s90Mbit/s20Mbit/s