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What is 1pMobile?

1pMobile offers the UK's cheapest tariff, where calls to UK landlines and mobiles are 1p a minute, texts to UK numbers are 1p each, and data is 1p a MB. In addition to the standard flat rate tariff, there are optional 30-day data boosts (add-ons) available – 2GB for £6, 10GB for £10 and 50GB for £15. These can be added either as a one-off or be set to automatically occur every 30 days.

You join for just £10 and your credit will never expire, provided you keep your account active. To keep your account active, you must top-up by your next top-up due date.

You will need access to the Internet and an email address because your account is managed online.  If you do not have access to the Internet or do not have access to an email account then we may not be the right provider for you.

There are no minimum spend or usage requirements. Top-ups start from £10. For more information, visit our home page.