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Will I be charged for using the NHS COVID-19 app?

NHS COVID-19 app

The NHS has launched it's COVID-19 app alongside national and local contact tracing, to help control coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission.

The app include contact tracing using Bluetooth, risk alerts based on postcode district, QR check-in at venues, symptom checker and test booking

The law now requires businesses to display the official NHS QR code posters from today so people can check-in at different premises with the app

Will I be charged for data when using the app

Downloading the app will use up approximately 5.6MB of data for the Android and 3.1MB for the Apple. We recommend that you download using Wi-Fi.

When using the app on mobile data, data usage within the app will be will NOT be charged by 1pMobile, but clicking on links to webpages outside the app might use some data.

1pMobile do not charge to access and websites

Important note

When mobile data is turned on on your phone, some apps may use data in the background. and this use of data will be chargeable. Most smart phones allow you to control app usage within the settings.