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Topping up

Simply dial 150 from your mobile phone to hear the amount of credit you have on your phone. There is no charge to use this service.

Top-up at your account

To add credit to your phone, simply log in to your 1pMobile account and visit the Top-ups page. You can add a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50 each time.

Top-up by text

When top-up by text is enabled in your account, you can top-up your phone at any time by sending a text message of TOPUP followed by the amount you want to top-up to 07950014111.

E.g. TOPUP 10 to 07950014111

will add 10 to your phone from your stored payment details.

The minimum top-up is 10 and the maximum is 90. Each top-up by text will start a new 120-day top-up requirement counter.

Auto top-up

You have the option of setting up an auto top-up every 120 days or when your phone balance drops below 2 (whichever happens first). When your phone balance drops below 2, we will collect your chosen amount from your registered debit or credit card and add it to your phone. We will apply this a maximum of once per any 30-day period.

Yes, you should be able to receive both calls and texts, even if your credit is zero. However, in order to remain a 1pMobile customer, you must top-up your phone 120 days after your last top-up. If you fail to do so, we will close your 1pMobile account, all unused credit will be lost, and your mobile number will be disconnected.

Our only requirement is that you top-up at least once every 120 days. All unused credit rolls over so you never lose it.

If you don't top-up within 120 days of your last top-up then we deem that you no longer wish to use 1pMobile as you mobile provider and your service will be cancelled.

We will send you email reminders two weeks before and 48 hours before your next top-up is due. You can also see when your next top-up is due in your account area.

For peace of mind you can set up auto-top-ups that occur either when your phone balance reaches 2 or when 120 days have passed since your last top-up. See the top-ups section inside your account area.

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