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Data and internet

By default, access to certain websites that contain content deemed as adult content is blocked. You can remove this block by enabling the 'Over 18 web content' facility from your Network settings page.

You may be someone who uses their mobile to check the odd email or to browse a webpage once in a while, or you may use it to download lots of games, music and videos. Regardless, if you are unsure of how much internet data you are likely to use, this guide may help.

The digital information you download on your phone is measured in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). As a general rule, 1,000KB make up 1MB, and 1,000MB make up 1GB.

If you are a low data user – unlikely to use your internet for more than an hour a day and rarely downloading content – then you will rarely use more than 100MB each month. If you download emails daily to your phone, spend a fair bit of time browsing the internet and download a few games or apps each month, then you should find that 500MB is more than enough each month.

However, if you send and receive emails daily, often with attachments; watch videos online several times a week and are likely to download a lot of apps and games, as well as music for your phone; and browse the internet for several hours daily, then you are likely to use 1GB or more of data every month.

As a guide, by using 100MB of data, you could:

  • Surf the internet for 4 hours
  • Spend 5 hours looking at Facebook
  • Watch 6 four-minute video plays on YouTube
  • Send 3,333 text-only messages on WhatsApp
  • Send 3,333 emails not containing attachments
  • Stream 25 tracks on Spotify

As a guide, with 500MB of data, you could:

  • Surf the internet for 21 hours
  • Spend 25 hours looking at Facebook
  • Watch 33 four-minute video plays on YouTube
  • Send 16,666 text-only messages on WhatsApp
  • Send 16,666 emails not containing attachments
  • Stream 125 tracks on Spotify

Other useful usage guides:

1 hour of instant messaging0.25 - 1MB
60 web pages140MB
Download 100 emails1 - 10MB
1 hour Skype call225MB
1 hour Skype video call350MB
Download 1 photo0.05 - 2MB
Download 1 MP3 audio file3 - 8MB
Download 1 film trailer (720p)50 - 100MB
1 software/game download5MB - 50GB
Download 1 film700MB - 8GB
Streaming 1 hour of video (standard definition)150 - 350MB
Streaming 1 hour of video (high definition)1 - 2GB
Streaming 1 hour of audio 60 - 200MB

No, there is no time limit. You can use your phone to surf the internet for as long as your account credit will allow. If you have bought a data boost package this will last 30 days from purchase.

Yes, a 1pMobile SIM will allow you to share your phone’s 3G/4G data connection. However, you will need to check with your handset manufacturer to confirm that your phone supports tethering. At our standard rate, you will be charged 1p per each MB of data used whilst tethering. Alternatively, you can use data included in one of our 30-day data boosts.

If you need to use the internet when abroad this will be possible if roaming is enabled in your account. Roaming is enabled for all our customers as default. You may need to enable roaming data on your phone settings.

If you find that you can make calls and text messages but not connect to the internet you may need to add an APN with our settings. Please see our APN details below and consult your phone manual on how to do this.

In the EU and EEA the tariff is the same as in the UK (1p per MB). Please check our tariff page for all tariffs before you travel. If you will be roaming outside of the EU and EEA there will be significantly higher tariffs for data usage.

When you are abroad please be aware that if your phone is set to automatically select a network it may connect across a country's border. This could incur greater charges on a foreign tariff. Please check if you are travelling near to a country's border. In this likelihood we recommend you set your phone to manually connect to networks; so that you can check before connecting. For advice on how to select this on your phone please check your manual, search online, or contact us with your phone make and model.

Our Access Point Name (APN) settings are as follows:

  • Name: 1pMobile
  • APN:
  • User: user
  • Password: one2one
  • Type: CHAP

Both Apple and Android phones have the option to turn off mobile data usage. However, this only turns data off for App use. The phone and operating systems (iOS or Android) still have some data requirements that cannot be disabled in the user settings. These are features like 'Find-my-phone' and 'App/Play store' verification.

Some simple/feature phones also have some data services, (and some only in their operating system and firmware), that are used to check for updates and network registration.

If you wish to disable mobile data completely then you can do so in your 1pMobile account area in the Network Settings. However, this may prevent the operating system's features from working correctly.

In newer iPhones you can update your APN by looking in: Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network.

If you have an older iPhone (or one that was originally locked to a network), which does not have an option to update its APN settings, use the link below to download the APN configuration file.

Your iPhone needs to be connected to WiFi and either click the link below or type it into your Safari browser.

You need to download it to your phone and it will automatically update the APN. Viewing it inside your email will not work, you need to download it, in your Safari browser.

  • You will get a message "This website is trying to open settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?" - press Allow.
  • You should see the following alert:

    Telecom Plus is the company that produced these APN settings for us and is correct. - press Install.
  • (Enter your passcode if needed).
  • You may get a message "The authenticity of Telecom Plus cannot be verified", if your phone does not have a current internet connection and can't reach the verification server. It is safe to - press Install.
  • Press Done.

Our APN has been installed and set as the default.

  • From the home screen, tap the Menu button.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Mobile networks.
  • Tap Access Point Names.
  • Tap the Menu button.
  • Tap New APN.

Enter the following fields as follows, (ignore any other fields,)

  • Name: 1pMobile
  • APN:
  • User: user
  • Password: one2one

If necessary you may need to select the APN.

Restart your phone.

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