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Can I use my phone overseas?

Before you travel abroad.

By default, roaming (using your phone abroad) is disabled in your account network settings. 

Please make sure you enable roaming in your account before you travel abroad. If you enable roaming while abroad, it may take up to 24 hours for your phone to be registered across the roaming platforms in Europe. It may take 48 hours for other foreign networks. 

Connecting to a foreign network

Your phone will then automatically search for local networks where you are abroad. You may also need to turn roaming on within your phones settings.

You may need to manually search for a network. Select any network with good signal strength. Please see your phone manual for instructions on these steps. You may also need to switch your phone off for 15 minutes, and then on again to finally connect. 'Switching off' means powering off, (not just setting the screen lock.)

Some phones with Android OS may show available networks as 'forbidden.' You should try selecting the network until your phone finally accepts a connection.

Costs when roaming on a network within the EU.

Roaming usage in the EU/EEA now costs the same as in the UK, but please see our tariff page for full details. Please be aware phones can connect to networks across borders. Setting your phone to manually search for networks will let you decide before selecting a network.

Costs when roaming on a network outside the EU.

Different prices apply depending on which country you are visiting outside of the EU, and will be more expensive than using your phone in the UK. Please visit our Tariff and charges page for current prices. Data Boosts cannot be used outside of Europe.

If you want to disable the roaming facility, then you have to disable it from your Network settings page.