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Information for giffgaff mobile PAYG customers

From the 26th February 2020, giffgaff will be raising their PAYG rates.
Calls will be increasing from 15p a minute to 25p a minute and texts will be increasing from 5p each to 10p each.

Some customers do not wish to be impacted by these changes and have expressed a wish to move to 1pMobile, so we have produced this page to provide giffgaff mobile PAYG customers with information they may need before making the switch.

How good is 1pMobile's coverage?

Giffgaff use the O2 mobile network and 1pMobile use EE which offers 99% population coverage and 90% geographical coverage.

Please check the coverage in your area before ordering your 1pMobile SIM.

Check coverage

Check coverage

Want to keep your giffgaff mobile number?

If you wish to keep your giffgaff mobile number you will need to contact them for a PAC so you can transfer (port) your number to us. You can do this in any one of the following ways

  1. By Text: Text the word PAC to 65075
  2. By phone: Call them on 43431 from your giffgaff mobile and select option 1
  3. Online: Log in to the My giffgaff website.
    Once you've logged in, go to My profiles & settings > Get a giffgaff PAC Code
  4. .

If you have not already ordered a SIM card then please do so NOW. Once we have processed the order you will be able to login to your 1pMobile account, activate the SIM and provide your PAC details.

Want a new number?

Alternatively, if you are not worried about keeping your giffgaff mobile number and you would like to move to 1pMobile, we will provide you with a new number.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind with our 14-day money back guarantee.

Our rates

With the UK's lowest PAYG rates for calls, texts and data, your top-ups go a lot, lot further. Use your credit as and when you want.

UK landlines and mobiles 1p a minute
Texts to UK numbers 1p a text
Data 1p a MB
Other rates View tariff

1pMobile offers great value and great service

See some of our great featues and benefits below


Our great rates

1p a minute to UK landlines and mobiles, 1p a text to UK numbers and 1p a MB (data)


Credit rollover

No credit expiry period. Credit lasts as long as your account is active



No need to make additional purchases for international calls, roaming or premium rate numbers (see tariff page for pricing)


Data boosts

Purchase one of our four data boosts and enjoy even better value for money


Keep your number

It's easy to transfer your existing mobile number to 1pMobile


UK-based customer support

Our helpful advisors are on hand to provide both online and telephone support


Refer a friend

Join our free scheme and receive a reward when you refer a friend, family member or work colleague


No contract

There's no contract to sign, no monthly commitment and no notice


2G, 3G, 4G

We offer 4G at no extra cost, giving you fast mobile data. We also support 2G and 3G


Superb network coverage

We offer 99% coverage of the UK population using the EE network


Tethering allowed

Want to use mobile tethering. No problem, with 1pMobile



Just top-up at least once every 120 days. Top-ups start at just £10

Need help? Want to know more?

Our help pages cover most questions

Some of the five star ratings from our customers

Some of the five star ratings from our customers