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International and roaming

Using your phone abroad or calling international destinations

At 1pMobile we want you to use your credit how you choose, so we don't have limitations on using your existing credit for international calls or using your phone outside of the UK.

Just select where you want to call or travel to below, and see our great worldwiide rates (and any fair-use policy for EU/EEA destinations).

Do I need to do anything to make international calls from UK or use my phone outside the UK?

No, you don't! When you become a 1pMobile customer, international calling and roaming are enabled by default.

If you have disabled international calling and roaming and now want to use your phone outside the UK, all you need to do is log into your account, go to your network settings and enable international calling and/or roaming. You should enable roaming BEFORE leaving the UK (ideally 48 hours before travelling)