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The Friends of Penny programme

It's simple and very rewarding

Our referral programme gives you a personalised link to share with your friends, family, fellow students, work colleagues. In fact, anyone and everyone you know.

Add the link to your emails, your posts, your tweets, your blogs or anywhere else you believe it'll be seen.

When they join 1pMobile and have spent over £10 on calls, texts or data, you'll earn a £5 reward. It's as simple as that. No points to collect, no time limits, no this and that.

We'll allocate the rewards as top-ups directly to your phone.

How to join

Joining the 1pMobile referral programme is easy, you jut need to be a 1pMobile customer. Then, within the your account management, you get all the links and vouchers to recommend us to your family, friends and colleagues.

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