Go SIM only - keep your phone = the best costs saving

If you love your smartphone then why not keep it? Whilst it is lovely to get a new and shiny phone upgrade when your contract ends, by keeping the handset you know and love you can save a lot of money by switching to SIM only.

1pMobile offers a very simple pay-as-you-go tariff. 1p a minute for calls, 1p a text and 1p per MB of data, this is the cheapest in the UK. If you need more, they also have unlimited calls and text bundles as well as data bundles up to a massive 50GB.

To really help for a worry-free service they also have two packages that last a whole year. A 30 top-up that you can use on the standard tariff over twelve months, and a 36 bundle of unlimited calls and text for the year plus a bonus of a free 250MB of data every 30 days.

Check your mobile data usage. It is amazing how much mobile data in contracts goes unused. With wi-fi everywhere most people use a fraction of the included allowance in their contract. In your phone setting you can see your monthly mobile data usage; you can then pick a package that is right for you.

All the bundles mentioned above can be added and removed at any time, or can be set to automatically renew.

Switching to 1pMobile is so simple and can make a massive cost saving. Just order your SIM online and when it arrives you are up and running, If you want to keep your number you can provide your PAC code and your existing number is transferred on the next working day.