Picking the best mobile tariff for university life

Wi-Fi is everywhere

The world of mobile and personal communication is changing and progressing every day. The technology moves ahead at an amazing pace, some of it key and integrated into to everyday life and some of it just the latest fad or this year’s trend.

Mobile phone contracts and plans have also changed with more and more data being offered, trying to provide these services to everybody everywhere, but at a cost. Student life, however, is different from that of the commuter and those in commerce. Nearly every University and campus has 100% Wi-Fi coverage, free for students.

Students are often offers some great deals (especially for Freshman) that include copious amounts of data, most of which you will never use – so why pay for a bundle that includes stuff you will never use.

The solution: Start with a small bundle or a PAYG service. Move up to a contract if you really are a big data user every day. If you only use a lot of data now and then, look for a good base tariff that allows you to add a bundle or extra data when you need it.